Gelato Cakes

Lovingly hand-made, our classic and delicious collection of Gelato Cakes are perfect for any occasion!

Every cake is made fresh-to-order so please allow us at least 48 hours to slot your cake into our production schedule. Cakes flavours are customisable upon request at an additional cost and can be selected from our current flavour list.

Available in two sizes 8" and 10"
Depending upon the size of the slices the 8" will give you 12-15 slices and the 10" will give you 15-20 slices.

Custom Cakes
Complete custom creations are also available upon request - please contact us by email: or on 1300 132 166.



Covered in a delicious belgian cocoa cream and encrusted around the side with crushed dry roasted hazelnuts. The top of the Baci cake is decorated with cocoa cream pipe swirls, Belgian couverture chocolate pieces and more crushed dry roasted hazelnuts.

Top: Cocoa Cream with chocolate and hazelnut decoration
Centre 1: Belgian Chocolate Gelato
Centre 2: Hazelnut Gelato
Bottom: Sponge

Please note, this cake contains: Gluten, Dairy and Nuts



Just like a traditional Tiramisu cake the sides of our Tiramisu Gelato Cake are left visible to show the fantastic visual effect of the layering. The top is dusted with a rich cocoa and decorated with/or without (please specify) chocolate slab with 'Tiramisu' lettering.

Top: Tiramisu Gelato
Centre 1: Sponge
Centre 2: Tiramisu Gelato
Bottom: Sponge

Please note, this cake contains: Gluten, Dairy, Alcohol and Pasteurised Egg in the Tiramisu flavour.

Sorbet Trio

This cake is pure sorbet. Undecorated to show the visual effect of the layers. The Sorbet Trio is 100% Gluten free, Dairy free and Fat free making perfect for those with gluten and dairy intolerances.

Top: Raspberry Sorbet
Centre: Lemon Sorbet
Bottom: Mango Sorbet

Please note, this cake contains: NO Gluten, NO Dairy, NO Nuts and is 100% Fat Free


Transporting and caring for your Gelato Cake

All Gelato and Gelato Cakes must be stored in a freezer at a minimum of -18ºC.

Recommended safe travel time for our Gelato (including cakes) is approximately 35 minutes from our factory to your freezer depending upon the temperature conditions outside. Using an esky, styrofoam box or a cooler bag with ice bricks or dry ice can extend the safe travel time, however it just really depends upon how hot a day it is. Best advice is to get straight to a freezer after collecting your gelato - once gelato or sorbets have thawed they cannot be refrozen!

Serving your cake...

To achieve the optimum temperature in order to cut, serve and devour a gelato cake it must be placed in the fridge for about 20 minutes prior to serving (providing the cake has been kept at -18ºC for a minimum of 3 hours). This will allow the cake to soften evenly throughout. If the cake isn't quite as frozen, you can leave it rest out of the fridge for about 5-10 minutes before serving.

Tips for cutting... Use a large sharp knife and dip it in hot water between each cut. Be sure to wipe excess water off the blade each time so you don't form ice crystals on the edges of the cake.